SVE in Croazia

AAA – Cercasi con urgenza volontario per progetto SVE a Brtonigla/Vertenegliio (Croazia)

Europe Direct di Trieste sta cercando con urgenza un/a sostituto/a per un progetto SVE già approvato in Croazia.
Di seguito sono riportate alcune informazioni sul progetto; per maggiori dettagli è possibile contattare Europe Direct Trieste.


Luogo: Brtonigla/Verteneglio - Croazia
Ente di accoglienza: Udruga Agencija Lokalne Demokracije /  Agenzia Democrazia Locale
Progetto: Y.I.E.L.D. in Europe - “Youth Ideas Empower Local Democracy in Europe”
Periodo: Arrival day (as soon as possible) – 31st July 2018 (Departure day) - 8 mesi
Luogo: Brtonigla/Verteneglio - Istria Region, Croatia
Invio delle candidature entro: as soon as possible!!!
Working Language: English, Croatian and Italian
Total number of volunteers: 4
WEB page:


The Local Democracy Agency (LDA) of Brtonigla – Verteneglio is a non-profit organization founded in 1996 with the support of Local and Re-gional Authorities of the Council of Europe and partners from Italy, Switzerland, France, Municipali-ty of Brtonigla and the Region of Istria in order to support the development of local democratic processes, promotion of human rights and active citizenship in Istria County.
Since 2009, LDA acts as association and promotes democratic, social, cultural and economic devel-opment based on the principles of tolerance, dia-logue, respect of human rights, cultural coopera-tion and freedom of expression. Its work is based on reciprocity, involvement and participation of civil society, as well as the exchange of experiences between the partners involved.

The long term volunteer project Youth Ideas Empower Local Democracy in Europe aims to add a set of new skills and knowledge to the participants profiles and im-prove the overall competitiveness of four young people from four different European countries. The project will introduce them to the local culture and traditions in the small northwest Croatian village of Brtonigla, where they will explore the theme of how the youth ideas empowering the local democratic process, how to raise their understanding and involvement in the process, how to promote encouraging public attitudes toward youth involvement in order to strengthen the quality of the local democratic process, the local social trust and develop sense of belonging, so important for developing an environment for long tern perspectives of the youth. The traditional low youth interest and attention to the local politics and institutions as a tool to improve the local social environment, the higher regional unemployment, lack of development perspectives and planning of moving to larger urban centers is characteris-tic of many European regions and is a vicious circle of interdependent and persistent issu-es resulting in low trust, understanding and desire to get involved and try to influence through the system. The project aims to bring new perspective, more focus and knowledge on the topic from the youth perspective, discuss way to influence the envi-ronment, voice and address ideas and good practices from different countries.

We are looking for MOTIVATED, CREATIVE OPEN MINDED and INDEPENDENT youngsters. Your skills will further develop while working together with us. We require the volunteer to have aT least basic skills in English and ready to learn Croatian and Italian language in order to communicate with the local community. Our daily operations require volunteer’s creativity and energy, necessary while working with people with all different ages and backgrounds, responsibility, patience as well as the ability to work in a team.
- MOTIVATED to learn and share knowledge and skills!
- Good EDUCATIONAL and SOCIAL SKILLS, to be able to work with several target groups;
- Good COMMUNICATION SKILLS and motivation to cooperate with your colleagues and with other volunteers;
- OPEN MINDED and FLEXIBLE ATTITUDE towards working hours, days in very busy periods;
- To have a RESPONSIBLE attitude and take INITIATIVE towards tasks;
- Be able to WORK in a TEAM;
- Good COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE (Mi-crosoft Office, e mail, internet, Photoshop);
- Be able TO LIVE INDEPENDENTLY and to fill in your own free time!

With its 2.000 inhabitants, Brtonigla (Verteneglio) is situated in the north-west part of the Istrian Peninsula (between Buje and Novigrad) and it is within reach of the western frontier of our hospitable and friendly Republic of Croatia. The Adriatic Sea washes the western part of the county and the eastern one is reached by the Mirna River. One of the main characteristics of the region is the bilingualism, as Istria is a region in which Croatian and Italian are officially recognized.
Visitors have the real opportunity to see many things of their interest in this small and picturesque rural place, as for stance they can admire an unforgettable landscape, beauty of Nature, discover historical traces and centennial culture, can walk numerous pathways those lead to new scenarios and have new experiences as well. Brtonigla, just as other rural places in Istria, has a very interesting history. The settlement was erected on a picturesque hill on the place of the former remains of the ancient castle. After Roman conquest fortifications became towns and then feudal castles as well. To this very day this area rich in architectural remains of numerous castles, prehistoric settlements from the Bronce Age is proclaimed the Ancient Monuments. The sea is only 5 km away from the main square - the Church of St Zenon, patron saint of Brtonigla - and can be easily reached by bike. Brtonigla has always lived with and from agriculture. In fact, this area is very well known in Istria for its wine makers, olive growers and good Istrian food.